Wednesday, July 7, 2010

weigh-in wednesday: week 6 results

Yup...definitely how i felt weighing in at Weight Watchers yesterday. BUT, it made me really think about what i want! ...and that is to succeed and be healthy!

I am going to do something i never thought i would do...and that is to actually post my weight on here! (eek!!!) I have always hated telling people my weight, but my friend jon was in town (and as a side note he has lost over 70 pounds!!! he looks amazing!) and he told me that the only way he felt accountable was by telling all his students his weight and posting it on the board each week. i think that when you know people know how much you weigh you want to lose it even more!! so hopefully that will be my case and it will work for me, because i have been slacking! :o)

So my starting weight on weight watchers was...
SW: 260.8 lbs (yikes!)
and my current weight is...
CW: 256.6 lbs
for a total weight loss of...
TWL: 4.2 lbs

the week before i had lost a total of 8.0 lbs, but with jon and ally in town i lost control. i seriously ate whatever the heck i wanted (and took seconds and thirds. haha) and gained 3.8 lbs this week. (so sad) My WW leader asked me some questions and told me to only think of this week as a learning experience and to take something from it. i think what i learned was that even though i got off track i shouldn't have had the attitutde of "well i know i am going to gain weight and i've already done i might as well eat this ice cream." i could have just started over and done better the next day.

Also last night i watched "Losing It With Jillian". i LOVE that show!! To me she is so inspiring and really knows how to help out people and their families. if only i could have her visiting our family for a week! :o) it is SO amazing to see these families transformations in just 6-8 weeks. it gives me hope that i can do it too! ...and i know i is just going to take some doing on my part!

So i want all you chubby followers to keep me accountable!! :o) This week my goal is to track EVERYTHING i eat! ...i know that by doing that i will see a big weight loss on the scale next week!

Hope you all have a fabulous day and week...and find a goal that YOU can accomplish this week!! :o)




Tonya said...

I totally agree that the best way to stay motivated is to post your weight on the blog! It makes you accountable for what you are losing and gaining! Keep it up! I am right there with you!

Camilla and Tim said...

I agree its very motivational! I don't think I'd have the guts. You are awesome Taylor and you will accomplish your goals! I've started to watch Losing it with Jillian when I know I can exercise, then I watch it right before because it always motivates me. If I watch it late at night I am motivated but then by the morning I seem to lose it.

Little Farmer Family said...

I think that wat you're doing is great!!!! You guys are definitely a motivation for me!! I have 10 pounds that I'd like to lose and it just ain't happening. But I love watching Losing it and reading your "journal". Keep it posted and let me know how you're doing!!! I know you can do it!!!