Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

'The 2 Phat Chicks' are starting over with "weigh-in wednesday". It's a new year and T and J want fresh starts...

So for WEEK 1:

J lost 2.8 pounds! [and] T lost 2 pounds! :)

They are completely satisfied with these beautiful numbers and look forward to weighing in next week!

If you have been trying to lose weight, let us know how it is going in the comments! :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bananas!

'The 2 Phat Chicks' found a new dessert to make...AND it's not too bad in calories! :) Chocolate covered bananas! T found the closest amount of calories per half banana on THIS site. about 165 calories! Not too shabby :)

*Half Banana
*Ounce of dipping milk chocolate
*Crunched up peanuts
(or you could use granola, sprinkles, coconut, etc.)

*Cut a medium sized banana in half.
*Stick a skewer inside the banana.
*Freeze the banana for about an hour.
*Melt the chocolate and dip banana.
*Put whatever topping on banana. (quickly, or it starts to dry!)
*Put them back in the freezer and when completely frozen (They only did theirs for an hour or so and they were not completely froze. They suggest freezing them overnight.)...EAT IT UP! :)

YUM! e.n.j.o.y.


Free Workout Songs!

Right now you can download for FREE The Biggest Loser and SUBWAY Workout Mix, all you have to do is enter a valid email address! T just downloaded it and it has some fun/upbeat songs to workout to...Paparazzi, Stronger, Love Story and more (all redone by their own singers, but still fun!)

Go HERE to Download the Biggest Loser Workout Mix for Free!


FREE Low Calorie Cookbook Download

T has added a few coupon blogs to her reader and wants to share ones that pertain to weight-loss with her fellow readers! Here is a link to download a free low calorie cookbook. Who knows...maybe you will find a recipe that you love?! enjoy!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Week ONE Recap...

Lets do a little recap of the 'Two Phat Chicks' first week after the start of a New Year!

It feels like it has been a crazy week for T and J...starting back up at school for J after a 2 week Christmas break and a few days off at the salon for T. But I don't think it really was too just feels like one of those weeks for them. They have been trying to accomplish their goals, and slowly but surely they will get there. Like the saying goes, "Slow and steady wins the race!" :o) The 'Two Phat Chicks' truly want to win that race!!

Starting with were her goals she set to reach fitness goals:
•Make weekly/monthly goals pertaining to my weight loss. [half check]{{this week she set the goal of drinking atleast 8 cups of water before having diet coke or anything else. She completed that goal about 3 days out of the week. I think it is going to be her goal again for THIS week!}}
•NO SWEETS! [fail] {{when setting this goal T and J had in mind really 'desserts'...but even then it is just too hard to pass up home-made peach cobbler! haha. So i think they are changing that goal to 'desserts' once a week.}}
•Work out atleast 4 days a week for an hour. [check!] {{she has been doing very good on this one. Although sometimes she didn't complete a full hour of cardio because her body was just so very tired. I still believe she accomplished this one}}
•Blog about my weight loss journey on "The Chubby Diaries" atleast twice a week. [fail (i think)] {{yea...T hasn't been too good at this. Let's be honest, when she gets home from being at the salon all day she doesn't feel like spending time writing...but it is going to be a goal!}}

So all in all T had a half successful week! haha. She really needs to start eating healthier and sticking to set calories. AND T wants to make a new recipe this week to post on the blog. Look forward to an upcoming post this week :o) [keep buggin/remindin her if she doesn't post one! hehe.]

And here is the down low on J...
1.No sweets (or soda) [fail] {{she is also thinking of changing this goal to 'desserts' once a week}}
2.Finish The Book of Mormon [getting there!]
3.Read the scriptures and pray daily
4.Exercise at least 3 times a week [check] {{She has been trying to go right after school}}
5.Control anger
6.Decrease procrastination...lets admit it, J could never totally be free of this :]
7.Write in my journal daily
[and to be honest, T is writing this so she doesn't know if J failed or checked off the rest of the goals this week...but she is doing great!]

The 'Two Phat Chicks' are excited that today starts a new week and a fresh start to succeed at those goals!! They are also hoping to start back up "weigh-in wednesdays"! So come back this week to see how they have done! :o)

Hope you all have a fabulous week and have a goal set in mind!

*If you leave a comment and want a response...T and J are going to start responding in the comments. So check back for an answer/reply later.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tonight The 2 Phat Chicks decided to see how far they could streeetch themselves and took a yoga class at the gym. It was quite the site to see...let's just say they were no where near close to the human pretzel instructor! haha. Even though they might have looked quite rediculous, in the end T and J loved it and are excited to go back! They have heard that the more you do it the better you they can't wait to give it another try and actually be able to do some of the poses more correctly. All in all it was a relaxing, stress-free, night for The 2 Phat Chicks :)

Have any of you fellow readers ever given yoga a try and what did you think about your first time?!


Friday, January 1, 2010

J's goals for a fabulous year

After a great, yet not very productive year, J decided that to make 2010 the best year possible she needed to come up with a few goals that she could accomplish. To make the goals the most useful J had to look back at the past year and look at the areas that really needed some help! so after much contemplation, she came up with this list of 7 goals:
  1. No sweets (or soda)
  2. Finish The Book of Mormon
  3. Read the scriptures and pray daily
  4. Exercise at least 3 times a week
  5. Control anger
  6. Decrease procrastination...lets admit it, J could never totally be free of this :]
  7. Write in my journal daily

So the two phat chicks really feel that this year they will become the TWO PHIT CHICKS!! :]

So what they really want to know is.... what are your new years' resolutions? ((Write in the comments please))


10 Goal's for 2010!

"A goal not written is only a wish." So write down your goals, [have them somewhere you can read them often] and let's accomplish them together!! :)

T has compiled a list of 10 goals that she would like to share with you all...

To Reach Fitness Goals:
  • Make weekly/monthly goals pertaining to my weight loss.
  • Work out atleast 4 days a week for an hour.
  • Blog about my weight loss journey on "The Chubby Diaries" atleast twice a week.

To Reach Spiritual Goals:

To Reach Personal Goals:

  • Learn to cook. [watch/help mom cook dinners] Try 1 new recipe each week and post it on "The Chubby Diaries".
  • Find one thing i am grateful for each day and write it down in a journal.
  • Focus on service.

I am so grateful for a NEW year! I know that if I put my mind to my goals I have set that I can achieve them!

Hope everyone has a fabulous 2010!!!