Friday, October 5, 2012

My life lately (but barely, really) according to my instagram pics...

 This girl went back to school at BYU. Miss her! 
Trip to San Fran/Berkeley. I've missed this pretty lady! :) 
Fishermans Warf with the sisters.
For a while i was trying to eat "clean" and so i made my own bread. yum!
new nail polishes. 
backyard dinners/hangouts.
shopping with the sister.
my 24th birthday.
i LOVE eggs. sometimes i try to eat breakfast. 
started crossfit. post workout tomato face. it's HARD!
i got BANGS :) it's been a good, fun change. 
LA County fair with the niece and nephew.
hanging out with this cute girl :)
beach days and beautiful sunsets. 

So I have been eating HORRIBLE right before this i ate chili cheese fries and a fosters vanilla ice cream cone bad ;) but i am looking forward to setting goals for myself and hopefully finding some motivation again!!

  1. limit my eating out to once (lets be realistic here;)) twice a week.
  2. crossfit atleast 3 times a week. 
  3. write my food down every day. (not even calorie counting. just writing down.)
  4. use my new bike one time a week. (it's really weird going from a beach cruiser to road bike)
  5. start using a calendar to stay organized. phone or paper? that is the question :)