Friday, June 11, 2010

fun fact friday...

Not sure how "fun" this fact is...but it is an interesting one at that!

T loves going to Costco with her mom, sisters and niece (and yes they have little matti saying she wants to go to costco and get sampees...aka samples. l0l. maybe we go there too often?). And often times we love visiting the lovely food court which is located right after the check out stands :o) and i mean why not just buy a hot dog and's only a buck fifty?! haha. it always comes down to the money, right? "i'll upgrade to the large fry instead of the regular since it's only 60 cents more...even though we probably only need the regular" {haha...story of my life} Sooo...T heard that costco food court had nutritional facts for all their food...and decided to take a look a it. YIKES! Let's just say she has to use the E-Tools food calculator because the paper points finder for ww didn't go high enough. l0l. So next time you check out at costco and see that $1.50 hot dog and drink or $1 churro...remember these calories and ww points! :o)

(ww points) item (cal/fat/fiber)

(15) slice combo pizza (680/29/4)
(16) slice cheese pizza (700/28/3)
(14) slice pepperoni pizza (620/24/3)
(13) hebrew national hot dog (550/34/2)
(16) chicken caesar salad (670/40/7)
(17) chicken bake (770/25/2)
(19) turkey wrap (810/38/7)
(6) fruit smoothie (290/0/1)
(9) california churro (410/18/3)
(22) ice cream bar (870/65/5)
(8) berry sundae (410/0/1)
(8) yogurt (390/0/0)

interesting...huh?! is there anything on this list that surprised you? for T it was pretty much all of it haha. but what really got her was the turkey wrap. It seems like a healthier choice to get the turkey wrap, when actually it is the highest ww points and calories! crazy :o)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

weigh-in wednesday: week 2 results!

Not gunna lie...T didn't have the best week on weight watchers this week. No writing food/points down...and seester, Ally, was down visiting for J's high school graduation {eek!} that i kinda just ate whatever i wanted :/ although i did try to be good for the last few days and i was still good about my workouts. {gotta find the positive in things i guess} So i still went to my meeting yesterday [[expecting to gain]] and i was pleasantly surprised!!

a LOSS of 1.2 lbs!
for a total of 4.8 lbs lost.

I love my ww leader...and he told me that next week we are definitely going to be celebrating my 5 pounds! Honestly i don't care how fast i lose this long as i make lifestyle changes and stick to them!! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Running Day- take 2!

T and J are proud to announce that they actually followed through and went running! :) well sorta...they ran for 5 minutes total...and even that little amount made them sweaty and out of breath. But atleast they did it! Now all the 2 phat chicks have to do is make it a habit!! and don't you will happen!! :)

Here is T and J's 'National Running Day" collage. And dang...doesn't J look like a SKINNY chick ;)

p.s. this is what T cooked up for breakfast and it was mighty d-e-l-i-s-h-! 2 scrambled eggs with hot sauce, seasoning, bell pepper, green onions, spinach and lots of yummy ooey-gooey cheese!!...all topped on a whole wheat sandwhich thin :P {{8 WW points}}


weigh-in-wednesday, week 1 results...

Weight loss has been an on-going battle with me in my life. I think i have been chubby since the third grade and ever since then have never really felt good about myself. Sometimes i feel like i have confidence, (i think more so when i am around people i am comfortable with) but i know that if i lost weight and became healthy i would feel SO much better about myself. I mean image really is a big can't say that people aren't judged by the way they look...everyone does it, it is human nature. So i am so excited to say that i have taken the step in the right direction and joined Weight Watchers and have been making healthier choices in every day life!! (and it feels good!) woo hoo :) and it showed this week on the scale! (which is also a hard thing for me because i am so use to weighing on my scale at home pretty much every single day. but i told myself that i would wait until tuesdays to be excited, or sad, about the number i see since your weight really does fluctuate from day to day)


week 1: loss of 3.6 lbs

Total WL: 3.6 lbs

i am definitely happy with that number on the scale! :) i can't wait to go to my meeting next week and see what the results are!

*written by T
National Running Day!

T was seen running 5 minutes today at the gym, in 1-minute increments...slowly but surely she will get there! and she just might go running around her neighborhood later tonight with J!