About Us

this blog documents the journey of 2 overweight sisters, trying to get healthy, through pictures, stories, and anything that helps them along the way.

they live in SoCal/Utah.
sadly they are separated.
although their title may be sisters, they consider themselves BEST FRIENDS.
laughing is their passion.
{clap clap. wiggle wiggle. slurp. haha}
together they hope to accomplish something incredible!

TAYLOR:  proud Weight Watcher member. older of the 2. big smile. paul mitchell graduate: hair stylist. contagious laugh. loves-earrings. taking pictures. "black" music. color pink. beaches. costa vida/cafe rio. and overusing the "..."

JONNI: trying to achieve goals through counting calories. big hazel eyes. always laughing. Sophmore at BYU. future unsure. loves-reading. alternative/indie music. hippie fashion. color yellow. TOMS shoes.

We are happy to have you here...enjoy the ride!

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