Friday, August 28, 2009

Ughh...Happy Birfday!

Tomorrow is T and J's nieces 1st Birthday know what that means...cake and lots of yummy food! Even though they are trying to watch their calories that wont stop them from getting to experince Mattison's first Birthday...which means eating all that delicious food! :o)



After waiting forever with the crazy sprint phone people, The 2 Phat Chicks had a craving for one of these beauties! They made a quick stop at the neaest 7-eleven. After practically running over to the slurpee machine, they faced a dilema...WHICH SIZE?! Medium or Large? Medium which would have been the perfect amount and still equally delicious...or the Large which was just a little more delicious. After debating for about 10 seconds, T and J reached for the LARGE...what do you expect? It was only 20 cents more! haha. After slurping for a while they surprisingly found themselves quite sick and wishing they had paid 20 cents less! AND come to find out it was a whopping 403 calories...yikes! You can rest assured they will never make this mistake again. (well...they might!)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today was J's turn to "weigh-in"! She did awesome! Another 2.4 pounds gone forever! You know what that week she will be able to put a 5 pound star on The 2 Phat Chicks chart!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday!

Oops...J forgot to weigh-in before she left for another day of school, but T sure didn't! This week T lost 1 pound! and she is very excited considering what time of the month it is ;)

{Slow and steady wins the race, right?!}

come back tomorrow to see Jonni's weigh-in.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what in the trainers...

Sadly, J started her first day of her senior year in high school, leaving T without her gym partner...but luckily mama phat chick joined her! :) Of course, another story to be told!

T was doing her usual routine of cardio and decided to do a few weights. Mama phat chick was still talking to someone, so T had to go all by herself...tear. She really hates doing workouts by herself because she ALWAYS seems to get attacked by the trainers! Of course, while doing an inner thigh machine, T made eye contact with one of the many trainers...and he came up to her and said -"Can i ask you a question? -"sure" -"Do you want to build muscle or tone and lose fat?" -"tone and lose fat" - "OK...well then follow me and i will show you some workouts" Ughhh...of course they see a lonely, chubby girl and instantly think 'she needs to lose weight, we can get her to buy a membership' thought T. She decided to go with him anyway and see what it was like. Let's just say T is totally out of shape and got her butt kicked...even if it was only for about 10 minutes! Mr. Trainer guy continued to annoy and pressure T...but she finally escaped...and she will definitely be back tomorrow morning! :)


weight loss journey...

T heard this quote while listening to a speaker at church...she agrees completely with it!

"Anything worth while is not easily attained." {indeed}


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Did anyone else besides T and J instantly think of "The 2 Phat Chicks" when they saw this picture?!?! :)


Workin' up a sweat!

On those days when T and J don't feel like encountering those crazy people at the gym...they work out in the comforts of their own home, doing workout DVD's. Some of which may have been taped in the 80's...complete with: ugly hair do's, hideous thong unitards, and the great 80's workout music! You gotta love it! :) But hey they still get the job done! On this particular day T and J were jammin' out with Leslie Sansone while she taught them how to "Walk Away The Pounds." T recently bought a new DVD that they are ancious to try out..."The Biggest Loser Boot Camp"...T and J will let you know how it goes!

T doing a cruch...
J feeling mighty buff...
T & J singing into their water bottles...Anyone else know of any workout videos that T and J should give a try?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Woohoo! T and J celebrated their 2 POUND weight loss this week! They can't wait to see those numbers keep dropping! :)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

CALORIES...what's calories?!

The 2 Phat Chicks lived it up this weekend, which may not be such a good thing! With their family reunion and 3 days of celebrating their Dad's Birthday, counting their calories just wasn't on the top of their list...oops! :) Hamburgers, chips, Birthday cake, popsicles, Wood Ranch's garlic rolls, ice cream cake...let's just say T and J definately didn't stay within their calories. No matter how many times you mess up, you can always get back on track! So it's the gym tomorrow at 8:00am for T and J!

Their Parpy blowing out his candles...
Happy 50th Phat Chicks' Dad! Doesn't it look devine? [compliments of A]

The question T and J want to know is...Did you count your calories this weekend, or were you naughty too?! :)


Friday, August 14, 2009

T and J spotted getting ready for the Beach...

It's a family reunion for the 2 Phat Chicks. Off to the beach they go...the joys of being seen in a bathing suit :)


Boy do they have a story for YOU!


Another day at the gym for the 2 phat chicks. After working out on the ellyptical for a few minutes, J wasn't feeling too good, so while T continued her workout J went down to the locker room to sit in the sauna until T was done. As she was walking to the sauna, she saw an old lady wrapped in a towel, whom we will title OLGA, just walking in. J was a little hesitant to go in because she had had past experiences with old ladies in towels...none of which are pleasant! But she decided to tough it out and face the sauna and Olga. J walked in, sat on the bench and thought to herself "just look straight ahead and it will all be fine!" Out of the corner of her eye J saw Olga puting on some deodorant and in the process dropping her towel. "Oh crap, this is going to be awkward!" thought J. Then all of a sudden J hears a rich Russian accent fill the room. "Yesterday it was so crowded in here i could barely walk." J realized Olga was waiting for a response, "Oh yea i hate it when it's crowded." Keep in mind that while Olga was talking she was completely butt naked!! As Olga continues talking about her trips to L.A., her bus rides, her sleep patterns, her doctors recommendations to take diuretics, how she's peed alot ever since she's been a child, etc. she is putting on underwear {no bra though}, putting on lotions and basically just enjoying being free in the sauna. J was dying inside. Luckily Olga decided to put her dress on, but this didn't stop the talking. "Save me T!", J thought. All of a sudden with a glow behind her head T appears in the doorway. T walks in and starts to talk to J. Then Olga asks "Are you seesters?" Of course their reply was "yes." "I could tell, except she {as she points to T} is much beeger {makes a circle with her arms around her stomache}" She continues and says..."Now that you are young you really need to come work out and eat good food like salad and feesh" "You need to say to yourself 'i am so preetty, i need to just lose weight' because you guys are so preetty" "Have you tried the program Weight Watchers? When i did it 40 yearS ago they didn't let me eat oils, so i get seek, but now it's good so you should try it" "One thing i learned, you're stomache not know what it's filled with, so make biig salad {motions a big plate} with lots of vegetables and 'chomp chomp' {eating with a fork}"...and the list could go on and on and on! Inbetween her talking T and J said things such as "uh huh...oh yea...i know...we are working at it...yup." T and J tried to avoid eye contact with eachother knowing they would burst into laughter the moment they did. The second Olga left the room, T and J turned to eachother, rolled their eyes and started laughing.

Oh the experiences you have at the gym! :)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

T and J spotted flaunting what they got...

It started off with JUST "before" pictures, but T and J got a little carried away and had too much fun with the camera. So here are the fruits of their labor...
T and J would like to remind you that these are DEFINATELY before pictures!

^^^think skinny thoughts^^^

photoshoot favorite!
[photos compliments of Lauren Skousen Photography]


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They couldn't resist!

Now before you get your panties in a bunch and start screaming "they JUST started it!", don't worry T and J made sure they had plenty enough calories for the delicious, mouth watering, Chipotle burrito! And here is how they made sure: Can you say awesome?! They sure did! If you're a Chipotle fan trying to watch your calories like T and J, here's a website to tell you exactly how many calories are in what you're eating! :P


Happy Hump Day!

The alarm abruptly woke up the 2 phat chicks at 8:00 am. Although it was nearly impossible for J to wake up, T was determined and was going whether J was or not. But to T's surprise J tumbled out of bed and joined her! They made their way to the car and on to the gym, La Fitness. But today they didn't quite feel like pushing themselves like they had the last few days. So they did 20 minutes of light cardio and then decided to go work out on the weights. After doing 3 sets on the triceps machine, T and J decided to go do a few sets on the bicep machine. {this is where the story gets interesting} Now although there were two of the same bicep machines, one had a suspicious looking red {blood} stain on the arm rest. So T and J decided to switch off sets on the one without the disgusting...whatever it was! After they completed the first set a big buff guy and his LA Fitness trainer sauntered their way over in T and J's direction. They were also feeling like doing some sets on the bicep machine, but lo and behold they discovered the same "blood stain" that J had seen. So the trainer had an ingenious idea of sharing T and J's machine! How dare them! Not only did he want to help his buff trainee, but he decided to help out weak T and J. Awkward! After helping them with a few sets {killing their poor, chubby arms} Mr. Trainer man said, "Are you guys done working out? How 'bout you come after and set up a training session, compliments of me." They felt weird, and trying to avoid a person in a gym is pretty much impossible. After working out a little bit more, T and J went to the bathroom, when they came out Mr. Trainer man eyed T and gave her the disapproving wagging finger in a warning not to leave without setting up a session. T and J just laughed and walked out the door.


Three Cheers to New Beginnings!

"The 2 Phat Chicks" {aka Taylor & Jonni} started their journey just a few days ago. It's always been pretty stop and go with their diets, but this time they have decided to take on a life change and make it last forever! They even got so motivated as to go to Target and get little spiral notebooks to write down all of their calorie intake, AND even made the most amazing poster you will ever pink, cute writing, colorful markers, the whole sha-bang! It will help them keep track of how far they have come on their journey.

They have decided to create a blog specifically for the documentation of their lives as they try to become "The 2 Skinny Chicks"! Funny stories, good articles, pictures, weekly weigh-in's, and just their every day challenges they have to over come. Lucky've just been invited to come along for the ride! :)