Friday, June 11, 2010

fun fact friday...

Not sure how "fun" this fact is...but it is an interesting one at that!

T loves going to Costco with her mom, sisters and niece (and yes they have little matti saying she wants to go to costco and get sampees...aka samples. l0l. maybe we go there too often?). And often times we love visiting the lovely food court which is located right after the check out stands :o) and i mean why not just buy a hot dog and's only a buck fifty?! haha. it always comes down to the money, right? "i'll upgrade to the large fry instead of the regular since it's only 60 cents more...even though we probably only need the regular" {haha...story of my life} Sooo...T heard that costco food court had nutritional facts for all their food...and decided to take a look a it. YIKES! Let's just say she has to use the E-Tools food calculator because the paper points finder for ww didn't go high enough. l0l. So next time you check out at costco and see that $1.50 hot dog and drink or $1 churro...remember these calories and ww points! :o)

(ww points) item (cal/fat/fiber)

(15) slice combo pizza (680/29/4)
(16) slice cheese pizza (700/28/3)
(14) slice pepperoni pizza (620/24/3)
(13) hebrew national hot dog (550/34/2)
(16) chicken caesar salad (670/40/7)
(17) chicken bake (770/25/2)
(19) turkey wrap (810/38/7)
(6) fruit smoothie (290/0/1)
(9) california churro (410/18/3)
(22) ice cream bar (870/65/5)
(8) berry sundae (410/0/1)
(8) yogurt (390/0/0)

interesting...huh?! is there anything on this list that surprised you? for T it was pretty much all of it haha. but what really got her was the turkey wrap. It seems like a healthier choice to get the turkey wrap, when actually it is the highest ww points and calories! crazy :o)



Laci & Daniel said...

wow.. yeah, the turkey wrap was my shocker too! cRaZy!!! And that little ice cream bar you can get???? What the...???? Holy Cow!! These are good to know~ Thanks T!

The Skousens said...

Good to know! I can't believe that the turkey wrap is higher than the pizza and hot dog! Man, I guess I'm not ever going to get the ice cream bar!

pollydove said...

What the???? Now see, when I go out to dinner with friends, often times I get the chicken ceasar salad because I am trying to be "good." What ev!

I guess I'm stickin' to IN-N-OUT!

Emerald said...

I love eating at Costco... Thanks for the post!!! I've ordered the ice cream bar before it was good but not 870 calories good. I always get the combo slice.