Wednesday, July 14, 2010

weigh-in wednesday: week 7 results

I was pretty proud of myself this past week. I tracked all of my food except saturday night and sunday (and i didn't completely stick to my ww points, but that's ok!) and it paid off! :o) i LOST this week! woohoo!

SW: 260.8 lbs
CW: 254.0 lbs
TWL: 6.8 lbs [[almost a pound a week...i'll take it!]]

It really does make you feel proud when you accomplish something and stick to the goal that you had in mind! :o) The only bad thing is that for the past 2 days i HAVEN'T been tracking (eeek :/ ) how can you do so good one week and then just fall the next? maybe because i actually saw a loss and felt like i didn't need to work as hard...even though i know that i need to, completely! So, my goal this week, again, is going to be TRACK EVERYTHING DOWN! [[i know i can!]] I want to master journaling my food before i move on to anything else...because i feel like it is the most important. So here's to a successful week! :o)

*Tell me in the comments what your goal this week is...scale related or non scale related!!



Laci & Daniel said...

Yay T!! Good job!! I dont know if I told you this already or not, but if you ever get a chance, go to SO COOL. Its totally free and so helpful. I'm sure weight watchers has all this stuff already, but this website is a great alternative if you need it. Great job this week though! My goal is to STOP EATING LATE. AGH!! That has been my biggest problem lately and it TOTALLY makes a difference for my body. So here's to a new week! :o)

Mal said...

I'm in the same boat as you. I'll track great one week and the next week I wont track at all. So my goal this week is to track every I put into my mouth.

Camilla and Tim said...

awesome! way to go girl! you are an inspiration to me! My goal for this week is to stop eating when I'm full. I've realized I tend to eat when I'm bored or watching tv.... I need to just drink water or something. Food isn't the answer :)

Jeanne said...

I'm at around a pound a week also, its frustrating to see small loses, but if you look at teh total picture you should be so proud!!

My goal this week is to cut out more of the processed foods and add more veggies!

Good Job on the loss, girl!

Little Farmer Family said...

This blog is making me so happy!!! I have about 10 pounds that I'd like to lose and it can be so hard!!! You are doing it though!!!! I look forward to reading this every week now for my own motivation!!!! Good Job!!!

Little Farmer Family said...

By the way??? What is your goal??? Short and Long term?? I know setting long and short term goals always help me as well as a reward system like a new hot shirt or something!!!! :)

Taylor said...

thank you so much ladies!!! :o) it's always nice knowing people are there to support you!

i had never heard of that site lac! cool! there are so many awesome online stuff like that now :o)

camilla and tami...i'm so glad you enjoy reading my update every week. haha. you girls can TOTALLY hit your weight loss goals!! it does take lots of work...and sometimes it can be so frustrating...but worth it in the end, right?!

and tami...i haven't thought of any short/long term goals recently!! i am going to think about what i really want today, write them down, and then i will blog it within the next few days. thanks for reminding me!! :o)