Thursday, November 5, 2009

sick = good!

Have you guys ever thought of sickness as a good thing? well J will be the first to admit that it sucks!! After 2 days of feeling like crap, being on the verge of throwing up, and sleeping for about every hour of those 2 days there was little time for anything else, including eating. So after the 2 days of misery subsided, J decided to jump on the scale, well not jump, she barely had energy to walk, becasue usually the scale was nice to her after being sick. Yes it may be a lie, false kindness, but hey she will take anything it gives. But this time, the scale was not only nice, it was downright gracious!! 10 pounds!! wow it was amazing! best part, unlike usual every single pounds didnt come back when she got better! The scale was both totally nice, and totally truthful. J's new take on sickness? Bring it on Mother Nature! thanks for my sucky imune system :]


93 and half year old in a 16 year old body?

Or other way around? Their comes a time in every persons live when have a mid life crisis. Accoring to five year old philosophy, J should have had hers years ago. AS J was baby sitting the cutest little kids, and while being used as both a human latter and slide, j was asked how old she was from the five year old girl. J's response was of course, "16". The 7 year old boy responded with, "wow your a youngin' " restoring J's faith in kids saying the funnniest thing imaginable. the 5 year old adorable little girls' next sentence, not so much. "why is your tummy so big for being so young" after thinking for a few seconds, "you should be at least....93 and half!" Wow. Needless to say it took a few seconds for J's response, should she burst out in laughter, like she wanted so badly to do, or tears? an equal desire. "umm...i dont know V" She settled with. So after that day of babysitting, J vowed to her self that she would try harder to loose some pounds, or should she say years?


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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YES...T and J have officially not done a blog in over a stinkin month!!! I'd say that is quite pathetic! Maybe it's because they have been naughty and need to find that motivation again??...i tink so ;)

So stay tuned...The 2 Phat Chicks just might surprise you with a new post someday! haha.

P.S. What type of stuff do YOU want to read on here? Funny stories that have happened to us, recipes, success stories, work out tips, etc. Let us know!! {{please and thank you!}}