Thursday, February 2, 2012

after our hiatus that lasted far too long, we are back!! so this post will be from me, and i have a semi exciting story to tell all of you. ill tie into weightloss...a little bit. but come on, dont we all love a good story?! ok actually it wont be that great of a story, but thats ok.
So i go to BYU. if any of you dont know, basketball is a huge deal at our school. it was crazy last year becasue we had Jimmer, so everyone was obsessed. and im not using that word lightly. but this year, people still go crazy. and by crazy i mean that people camped out for 6 days outside the marriot center so they could get front row. we live in utah. its beyond freezing at night. it snowed yesterday. yet people still slept in tents outside probably getting hypothermia just to be close to the players. well those of you who dont know me well, i am not a sports fan. in no shape or form. so i have literally never been to a BYU basketball game. well drumroll please...I WENT TO MY FIRST GAME TONIGHT! it was a blast! the energy was so intense you could feel it coursing through your viens. it was crazy right from the beggining. they turned all the lights down, and showed this video on white cloth that hung all the way down from the center scroe baord thing. everyone was screaming, and i knew it was going to be a good game. our team is amazing people, just amazing. i was screaming and cheering right along side of all the crazy fans, and i felt like a part of them. except when things would happen that i had no clue what was going on, which happened quite often, sadly. but after a very intense game WE WON!!! but to be honest since im not a huge sports fan, the most exciting part was our free t shirt (we played plinko to get some apartments advertisment shirts haha) free pack of gum (also from those people) free yogurt land (my favorite place in the whole world, if BYU scored 80 points yogurt land gave everyone free yogurt) and a free pedometer (gave it to us as we were walking out after we won. oh and this is how im tying this story into weightloss hahahahah!) i love me some free stuff :) so then after the game was over we went to get our free yogurt (which is a little healthier than ice cream, so that kinda ties in too right?? haha), which was of course amazing, im obsessed with yogurtland. it was a great night.

well if you are reading this post, thanks so much for still being a chubby diaries reader! we promise to be better at posting! have a great week :)