Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why hello there... you remember me?! oh yesh, it is T! :) haha. I know, i know...i am a major slacker with the blog and i WANT to be good. i will try a little harder :) hehe.

anyways...on to my 3 week (?) update! it's been a while. But things are going good over in T's world :) well for the past week they have been. i have to be honest, i was slacking off major the 2 weeks before and at 2 of my WW weigh-in's i gained 1 lb one week and 1.2 another. i felt really crummy and knew that i had to get my butt in gear...and that my friends is exactly what i did! :) it was like i had a new mindset and willpower to do this awful thing we call losing weight!! ;) i was really sad because my partner in crime, whom you all know, J left that day for college. {{p.s. i am trying to get her to still be a part of the blog. don't you think it would be fun to see the perspective of a college student and her journey of not gaining the 'freshman 15'? yea, i think so too! persuade her to do so :) }} But i want to be a skinny 'bi' when she comes home for Christmas! haha. and i know that i can do it :)

So here are my stats for the last 3 weeks:
week 12- 251.4 lbs (+1.2)
week 13- 252.4 lbs (+1)
week 14- 247.8 lbs (-4.6!!!)

can i get a HECK YES?!!? i was sooo excited to see that -4.6 lbs!!!! i had a good week and i think it was well deserved. actually, that was one of my first big numbers i lost while doing WW for 14 weeks. i couldn't stop smiling. one, that puts me in the 40's! and two, i lost 5%! woohoo. My next weight loss goal is 10% of my body weight, which is another 13 lbs. i can do that! 5 lbs at a time :)

this week at my weight watchers meeting {{which by the way i LOVE ww. i think it is an amazing program! each week truly gets me through to the next}} it was about moving more and being more active. i actually do love working out. i feel so much better and seem to have more energy throughout the day. they were talking about how exercise doesn't have to mean GYM, but i personally love the gym. i think having a gym membership pushes me to go and gives me that time by myself to just think about what i really want. it gives me confidence...because when i first started i felt SO stupid at the gym. i felt like everyone was looking at me and judging me. but now i could give a rats butt. haha. i wear what i want, i do what i want, and i don't feel embarrassed! :)

Here i am after just going to the gym this morning. yes, i look like a tomato {{and that was even after about 5 minutes haha}}
i am also so excited because i am following the c25k program with my friend camilla!!! :)well, she is in utah, and i am in cali but we text eachother after each workout and see how it went. i love having a buddy because it makes me more accountable. like this morning i wanted to turn my alarm off, but i knew that i needed to do it and i knew that camilla would be texting me :) hehe. so i went and i did it! i thought i was going to die today, but i pushed through and finished! you really do feel so good after you accomplish something you didn't think you could do. i love the c25k program because it is just 3 days a week for 9 weeks. they say within 9 weeks you should be able to run a 5k. woohoo!! i need to find a date for a race and sign up for it :) right now i am on week 2 day 2....which is a warm up walk for 5 minutes, 90 seconds of jogging and 2 minutes of walking for 20 minutes. it's not too bad, just for some reason today i felt like dying! but i didn't! and to me that shows that we are capable of doing SO much more than we think we can!!!

anyways, i am excited for this week and to see the amount i lose next week {{yay for positive thinking haha}}

Do any of you have exciting news you want to share with us?! please share in the comments :)

i hope all you lovely phat chick lovers have a fabulous week!!!!!! :)