Wednesday, June 9, 2010

weigh-in wednesday: week 2 results!

Not gunna lie...T didn't have the best week on weight watchers this week. No writing food/points down...and seester, Ally, was down visiting for J's high school graduation {eek!} that i kinda just ate whatever i wanted :/ although i did try to be good for the last few days and i was still good about my workouts. {gotta find the positive in things i guess} So i still went to my meeting yesterday [[expecting to gain]] and i was pleasantly surprised!!

a LOSS of 1.2 lbs!
for a total of 4.8 lbs lost.

I love my ww leader...and he told me that next week we are definitely going to be celebrating my 5 pounds! Honestly i don't care how fast i lose this long as i make lifestyle changes and stick to them!! :)

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Laci & Daniel said...

Yay T!! I love that you are back on here! Being gone from the blogging world myself for 9 days was hard! lol :o) I love your attitude!! You truly inspire me :o) Love you!