Wednesday, June 2, 2010

weigh-in-wednesday, week 1 results...

Weight loss has been an on-going battle with me in my life. I think i have been chubby since the third grade and ever since then have never really felt good about myself. Sometimes i feel like i have confidence, (i think more so when i am around people i am comfortable with) but i know that if i lost weight and became healthy i would feel SO much better about myself. I mean image really is a big can't say that people aren't judged by the way they look...everyone does it, it is human nature. So i am so excited to say that i have taken the step in the right direction and joined Weight Watchers and have been making healthier choices in every day life!! (and it feels good!) woo hoo :) and it showed this week on the scale! (which is also a hard thing for me because i am so use to weighing on my scale at home pretty much every single day. but i told myself that i would wait until tuesdays to be excited, or sad, about the number i see since your weight really does fluctuate from day to day)


week 1: loss of 3.6 lbs

Total WL: 3.6 lbs

i am definitely happy with that number on the scale! :) i can't wait to go to my meeting next week and see what the results are!

*written by T

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Doney Days said...

That is awesome Taylor!!! Keep it up! You will feel so good and you won't ever regret doing it!