Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tonight The 2 Phat Chicks decided to see how far they could streeetch themselves and took a yoga class at the gym. It was quite the site to see...let's just say they were no where near close to the human pretzel instructor! haha. Even though they might have looked quite rediculous, in the end T and J loved it and are excited to go back! They have heard that the more you do it the better you they can't wait to give it another try and actually be able to do some of the poses more correctly. All in all it was a relaxing, stress-free, night for The 2 Phat Chicks :)

Have any of you fellow readers ever given yoga a try and what did you think about your first time?!



Stacey said...

I'm doing yoga tomorrow... The stuff I've done in the past is hard though

Laci & Daniel said...

Well, I have never done it, but DANiEL has!! haha funny huh??? But he LOVES it. He actually does hot yoga, so you sweat up a storm, but he always says how good he feels after he does it.
Daniel is all about the classes. He does hot yoga, boot-camp, spinning. (not all the same week. Just like trades off every now and then).
Anyway, I totally want to start doing classes too! So thanks for being so motivating to me!! Good luck in yoga!!

The Skousens said...

How fun...I'm surprised the two of you didn't laugh during the class and have to get kicked out, lol! I hear it's a great class!!!

ShaunaJorgenson said...

The first time I did it, I hated it because I was so bored, but I kept going because my friend liked it. I grew to love the instructor and eventually loved yoga. I did it twice a week for months and found it made more changes to my body than lifting 5 days a week! I'd love to take it up again, but they only offer classes early early or in the evening.

Camilla and Tim said...

I LOVE Yoga! Took it 3 semesters at UVSC! Wish I was still doing it :)

Emerald Miller said...

yoga is awesome! first time i did yoga i tooted and the whole class laughed i thought i would never go back but i did and since then i dont let myself get tooo relaxed ;) bahah. awkward!