Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Goal's for 2010!

"A goal not written is only a wish." So write down your goals, [have them somewhere you can read them often] and let's accomplish them together!! :)

T has compiled a list of 10 goals that she would like to share with you all...

To Reach Fitness Goals:
  • Make weekly/monthly goals pertaining to my weight loss.
  • Work out atleast 4 days a week for an hour.
  • Blog about my weight loss journey on "The Chubby Diaries" atleast twice a week.

To Reach Spiritual Goals:

To Reach Personal Goals:

  • Learn to cook. [watch/help mom cook dinners] Try 1 new recipe each week and post it on "The Chubby Diaries".
  • Find one thing i am grateful for each day and write it down in a journal.
  • Focus on service.

I am so grateful for a NEW year! I know that if I put my mind to my goals I have set that I can achieve them!

Hope everyone has a fabulous 2010!!!


1 comment:

The Skousens said...

These are great goals T&J!!! If they all come true, looks like you will be the two "phit" chicks!!! Good luck!!!