Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bananas!

'The 2 Phat Chicks' found a new dessert to make...AND it's not too bad in calories! :) Chocolate covered bananas! T found the closest amount of calories per half banana on THIS site. about 165 calories! Not too shabby :)

*Half Banana
*Ounce of dipping milk chocolate
*Crunched up peanuts
(or you could use granola, sprinkles, coconut, etc.)

*Cut a medium sized banana in half.
*Stick a skewer inside the banana.
*Freeze the banana for about an hour.
*Melt the chocolate and dip banana.
*Put whatever topping on banana. (quickly, or it starts to dry!)
*Put them back in the freezer and when completely frozen (They only did theirs for an hour or so and they were not completely froze. They suggest freezing them overnight.)...EAT IT UP! :)

YUM! e.n.j.o.y.


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pollydove said...

I used to eat chocolate covered bananas every time I went to Disneyland! In fact, when I first started my blog, my friend said, "Oh, are you going to put chocolate covered bananas down as one of your happy little things?!?!" But I think the last time I had one was when I was in high school, so I said no ... hmmm.

Maybe it's time to eat one again!