Monday, September 28, 2009

While working out on the elliptical do your feet ever go numb? Not sure if anyone else has experienced it, but T sure does! and it can be really annoying! So T posted this question on one of her livestrong groups and got an answer...yay! It is called "Sleepy foot Syndrome"! She had to laugh...what a name! :) T likes to tell all her family members that she has sleepy foot syndrome and get a little chuckle out of it. It may sound funny, but it is exactly that! When you walk your feet move too...but while on an elliptical your legs move, but your feet don' for some people they may fall asleep or go numb. They say all you need to do is wiggle your feet or move them from heel to toe as you do your workout. T will give it a try and see if it helps any! :) BUT she also thinks it is her shoes. T has been blessed with fred flintstone feet...CHUBBY! haha. So maybe she also needs to get some new, comfy, wide shoes?

Anyways...if you are interested check out the full article here!

Do you know of any good running shoe brands that T should invest in?! :)



Camilla and Tim said...

I haven't heard of the sleepy foot syndrome before! I can barely do the elliptical anyway- it kills my legs, which really probably means I need to do it more, but I feel more successful when I do the treadmill and can go for more than 5 mins ;) haha good luck with the feet!

Little Farmer Family said...

That is funny but I do think it's your shoes to blame. I would totally invest in either aasics or new balance...but here's the key...find them at a normal store and pay at least $80 or.....go to ROSS and find them from $15-30!!! That's what I always do and always seem to have luck!!! Good Luck!! Keep up the workouts and bike rides to work...oh and post some pics of your 2 are hot mamas!!! :)

Erin said...

I'm glad I read this, it happens to me too and I've always wondered what the cause was. I usually try to just fight through it. It happens when I do the stationary bike also sometimes. As for shoes, I have wide feet also, I'd suggest finding some New Balance shoes. They've always done great for me. Their regular width is a little on the wider side and then they have two sizes of wides too, a 2D and 4D. Good luck with everything!