Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So sorry...these posts' lately have mainly been about T because J has been so busy with school and life in general, and well...T has been a lazy donkey! haha. and to be honest the 2 phat chicks have not been doing as well as they should and could be doing {hence the no weigh-in wednesday's...T and J are ashamed! and hence no updated pictures of them...because they pretty much just look the exact same haha [[sorry tami]]}. but they did make mini monthly goals that will hopefully help them out a bit! :)

BUT...T found a new hobby that she enjoys. Riding her bike {that she has actually had for quite some time, but only ridden about 5 times hehe} to the gym and doing her workout and then riding it back! It gives T a chance to use her cute bike and at the same time get a little extra workout! :)

Has anyone been faithful about working out or eating healthy these past few weeks? Do you do anything that makes it more fun and enjoyable?



pollydove said...

Hi Taylor!!!! I have been neglecting my blog lately too - SO MUCH drama going on right now in my life. (I don't know if you read my first post, but my stalker is out of jail and back at it ... it has been VERY unsettling!) Anyway - I wanted to answer your question about eating healthy "these past few weeks" and report that I have been trying to be really good by not eating a burger and fries everyday and really cutting back on my sugar. So my new thing that I like to get at McDonald's (every day) is their yogurt/fruit parfaits. I LOVE THEM!!!! They are more like pudding than yogurt but way better than eating a burger. That is a little tip when you feel like getting a healthy snack! :)

Annie and Dan said...

I found your blog through Tammi Farmer's and I have to say you are so inspiring. I too am obsessed with The Biggest loser and have watched it since season 1. Although I am currently doing ok weight wise, I think it is something we ALL stuggle with. I hope you don't mind me following your blog and making comments here and there. Keep up your good work!