Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"It's the start of something new..."

[[I'm sure you can finish that song all you High School Musical fans haha]]

T loves looking at other blogs {yep, she's addicted} and she came across this one...this lady has some good tips for women trying to lose weight, which is something we all could use! Anyways...T really liked her post today! It is a quote from The Daily Motivator {which seems like an awesome website. T just might be looking at those daily motivations more often} Here it be:

Today is your opportunity to make progress. Right now is the moment to begin.

If you’re not quite sure how you’ll proceed, go ahead and get started anyway. The way to work out the details is to jump into the work.

Each moment that flows quickly into your life will flow out again just as quickly. While you have it, you can transform that moment into a lasting accomplishment.

Make a little bit of progress, again and again. Soon, you will have created great value.

You can do it, because you are alive and aware and willing to get where you wish to go. Whatever your situation, whatever your circumstance, you can make something positive and valuable out of it.

Choose now to make progress, and allow a positive momentum to take hold. Feel the joy of being the immensely creative person you can surely be.

– Ralph Marston

It fits in perfectly with how T was feeling. After watching The Biggest Loser last night she felt like "today" was going to be the day to start over and get things back on track with her new life!

Love you all! Have a fabulous day...and make TODAY the day to start something new!


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