Thursday, August 13, 2009

T and J spotted flaunting what they got...

It started off with JUST "before" pictures, but T and J got a little carried away and had too much fun with the camera. So here are the fruits of their labor...
T and J would like to remind you that these are DEFINATELY before pictures!

^^^think skinny thoughts^^^

photoshoot favorite!
[photos compliments of Lauren Skousen Photography]



Laci & Daniel said...

T! your hair is getting so long!! i'm so jealous you stuck it out! i am, yet again, trying to grow mine :P

OK, these pictures are DARLING!!! You two are SO photogenic!! Fabulous!!

The Rawlins Fam said...

What cute shots. All the pics are great. They really are good "before" pics. But I just have to add, every time I see you in real person I'm in awe about your beauty even if you are "chubby". To me you always seem more confident and stylish then I could ever be. And I've struggled with obesity. Any pound that you lose will sure give you more energy! But please don't ever think that you are not beautiful. Because you both more certainly are!!!