Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

The alarm abruptly woke up the 2 phat chicks at 8:00 am. Although it was nearly impossible for J to wake up, T was determined and was going whether J was or not. But to T's surprise J tumbled out of bed and joined her! They made their way to the car and on to the gym, La Fitness. But today they didn't quite feel like pushing themselves like they had the last few days. So they did 20 minutes of light cardio and then decided to go work out on the weights. After doing 3 sets on the triceps machine, T and J decided to go do a few sets on the bicep machine. {this is where the story gets interesting} Now although there were two of the same bicep machines, one had a suspicious looking red {blood} stain on the arm rest. So T and J decided to switch off sets on the one without the disgusting...whatever it was! After they completed the first set a big buff guy and his LA Fitness trainer sauntered their way over in T and J's direction. They were also feeling like doing some sets on the bicep machine, but lo and behold they discovered the same "blood stain" that J had seen. So the trainer had an ingenious idea of sharing T and J's machine! How dare them! Not only did he want to help his buff trainee, but he decided to help out weak T and J. Awkward! After helping them with a few sets {killing their poor, chubby arms} Mr. Trainer man said, "Are you guys done working out? How 'bout you come after and set up a training session, compliments of me." They felt weird, and trying to avoid a person in a gym is pretty much impossible. After working out a little bit more, T and J went to the bathroom, when they came out Mr. Trainer man eyed T and gave her the disapproving wagging finger in a warning not to leave without setting up a session. T and J just laughed and walked out the door.



ShaunaJorgenson said...

Fist off...congrats on the idea! Something like this will really help keep you motivated. the free session if you want, you could really learn something, but don't let them rope you in. It is really expensive and I don't think its worth it when you're talking about an "I read a book and passed a test" trainer you're going to get at a chain gym. Trust me, I've done it. There are so many sources out there to help you find a work out plan or if you want suggestions, you can always ask me! I'm happy to help! I can send along some of the work outs my trainer gave me!

Camilla and Tim said...

haha this was funny. I love your new idea! Good luck!