Friday, August 28, 2009


After waiting forever with the crazy sprint phone people, The 2 Phat Chicks had a craving for one of these beauties! They made a quick stop at the neaest 7-eleven. After practically running over to the slurpee machine, they faced a dilema...WHICH SIZE?! Medium or Large? Medium which would have been the perfect amount and still equally delicious...or the Large which was just a little more delicious. After debating for about 10 seconds, T and J reached for the LARGE...what do you expect? It was only 20 cents more! haha. After slurping for a while they surprisingly found themselves quite sick and wishing they had paid 20 cents less! AND come to find out it was a whopping 403 calories...yikes! You can rest assured they will never make this mistake again. (well...they might!)


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