Wednesday, December 30, 2009

T is very determined to get back in her fitness routine after being TERRIBLE over the holidays! Let's be honest, who didn't gain atleast 2 pounds over the holidays...or atleast feel disgusting? T sure does! haha. So she has been a good girl ;) and goes to the gym [despite the fact that it is pitch dark when she leaves at 6:00 am]! She just reminds herself when the alarm clock goes off, "you want to be will all be worth it in the can do it!" haha. But it's true...she CAN DO IT! :) and she will! So this morning T did a half hour on the elliptical [the one that glides on the wheels, not the arm moving one] dancin'/dying, to Jay Sean 'Do you Remember'. Yes...the whole half hour that song was on repeat :) and T loved every minute of it :)

Hope everyone has a successful, fabulous day!

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