Monday, December 21, 2009

jolly holiday

So we all know what time of the year it is... CHRISTMAS! although the two phat chicks are sooo excited for chirstmas to come, they are also a little bit upset that this wonderful holiday brings so much yummy and fattening foods!! but J was determined to make the best of her 2 week break and is determined to go to the gym every single day! so she woke up refreshed and ready to work her butt off! but as she went to the gym she realized her icky cold made her a little more exausted then she would have been. so she did some weight machines with her dear friend Stephanie. but as they went to the machines, they met an overly friendly, frankly kinda creepy man who was offering them help. lets just say they were a little weired out! he was telling J to "keep her fingers straight and push with her elbows to get the full affect of the ab machine" and kept saying "ya, see do you feel that" and "oh no you dont want to use that one, its all in your arms". haha so i guess its practically impossible for J to go to the gym with out meeting some sort of wierdo! but trust me readers...T and J are determined, yet again, to be good and workout and eat healthily this break. so that means...more blog posts!!


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