Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So today was "one of those days"! :/ You know the, have yourself a pitty party kind of day?! ughhh. Those days are no fun...and they come out of no where and you can't control the way you feel! I just felt ugly, fat, and like i couldn't accomplish anything. So i went to my Weight Watchers meeting and decided not to weigh-in (which i ALWAYS do no matter what) because i knew that i gained and i would just be more depressed and mad at myself. But i am so glad i went to the meeting...it kinda got me out of the slump (even though i still didn't feel like being happy and fun with my clients the rest of the day haha) and i got a big hug from my amazing leader :) i KNOW that i can accomplish my goals...it is just going to take hard work and dedication and not just my half butt trying i've been doing lately ;)

So i felt like i needed to start my blog up again. It's going to be kinda boring haha. I am going to post pictures and write what i ate each day with the points + and any good finds i find :) I need something to keep me going and give me that push! So...To read it, or not to read it...that is the question! ;)

Today's menu:

(b) Chocolate pure protein bar [5 p+] it's my go to meal now when i am in a rush, but need to eat something. Surprisingly, they are really good and don't have lots of sugar like many protein bars have.

(l) In-N-Out cheeseburger [13], french fry [11], and 2 diet cokes [0] [24 p+] Yea, like i said, it was one of those days and i just needed this! haha. but i am counting it! :) seeing my niece and nephew and sisters brightened my day up.

(d) 4 oz balsamic glazed chicken breast [6], 1/2 C white rice with chicken broth [3], roasted asparagus [0], 3 pear halfs [0] [9 p+] Thank you marmy for a delicious dinner! i came home from a long day at work with this lovely dinner ready to eat.
Total: 38 p+

I just went over by 1 p+...so i have 48 p+ extras left for the week.

And no exercise for the day :( Tomorrow morning i will get something done!!



Gwiddle said...

Great job! I started WW AGAIN today haha. We can do it together:) BTW this is Heidi from Hairschool if you didn't know.

pollydove said...

... I want to eat that dinner RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!! YUM!!!!