Sunday, February 13, 2011

I wish i had a creative title :)

...but i don't! and i honestly don't even really have anything to say. BUT i did just happen to go back and look at one of our very first posts with our "before" pictures....and WOW! i feel like i haven't lost very much and changed, but looking at those pictures makes me realize that i have, indeed :) yay...slow and steady does win the race. i can't wait to do another photo shoot with miss J in a few months and compare the 2!

Anyways, i know that we totally neglect this blog...and i am not going to promise that i will start posting faithfully anytime soon :) but a girl can try! i have been trying to make healthier food choices because, heck, i want to win that $300 for our Biggest Loser competition! but it is soooo hard! does anyone have any favorite healthy recipes they would like to share with me?! maybe i will try one of them and take pictures and make a post about it. OH! and i use to always say that i hated fish, but i was brave and gave it another shot and surprisingly i really enjoy it! it has become a staple meal in the clark household.

ok, this is a very scattered post. hope you are all doing well!! maaaaybe you will be lucky and see me back here this week :) but don't hold your breathe (you may just die haha)

ta ta...TAY!


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pollydove said...

Hi Taylor! You are right - slow and steady does win the race! Each pound is success!!! I saw a license plate the other day that said TAY TAY and thought of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! (And you know, if we didn't have SOOOO many holidays with excuses to eat lots of treats we would all reach our goal a lot sooner!)